The Frankfurt Trade Fair is one of the most famous trade fairs worldwide. Whether IAA (International Automobile Exhibition), Book Fair and Music Fair, world-renowned artists and companies meet here regularly for international audience.

But this weekend, Messe Frankfurt has shown itself from a smaller, more regional side – for a trip to the countryside in the middle of the city.

Farmer and the big city

The „Land & Genuss“ Messe (Country and Indulgence Fair) opened the doors and gates to their 5th anniversary.

The highly advertised exhibition on agriculture, regional specialties and gardening would present numerous culinary delights, direct marketers and gardening tips and also show trends such as street food and combine the culinary cream of the country with modern life in the city.

As a matter of fact, I wasn´t quite sure what to think of this and actually I wasn´t really interested, but by chance I ended up there.

And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

From there, I have brought you some interesting addresses from around Frankfurt. The one or the other is certainly worth a little trip!



We went to the fair on sunday morning, which was our luck. Because around noon it got really crowded in the outside area and the exhibition hall.

So we could buy our tickets without a queue (12 € entrance fee, 10 € if ordered online previously)  and we got a small exhibition guide to find our way around.

The 100-page booklet contains the obligatory fair plan, the exhibitor index and all sorts of interesting articles on garden use, urban style and food.

Did you know, that you should lay bread on the cutting side so that it doesn´t dry out so fast?

Culinary Germany

Or do you know our Superfood? No, I do not mean chia seeds or goji berries that have to sail around the world to help us? No, even Germany has its Superfood: Bärlauch (wild garlic or bear´s garlic) for example, with a lot of vitamin C and iron, helps to treat high blood pressure and strengthens the liver. Or Grünkohl (kale) with its antioxidants, minerals, fiber and amino acids is a silver bullet! It´s anti-inflammatory and with its high protein content kale a real alternative to animal protein. And the domestic Superfood is the blueberry when it comes to antioxidants. They also have a lot of vitamin C and E  and have a positive effect on the digestive system. That sounds really promising, doesn´t it?

"Gemies" (slang for vegetables)
„Gemies“ (slang for vegetables)

We started our tour in hall no.1, starting with the topic culinary delights, craft food and street food.

Street food has become a known term in Germany by now. Those are the guys and gals who offer homemade food out of usually very cool and stylish converted Vans. The Hot Dog Stand 2.0 so to say.

And Craft Food? Also, the term comes from the United States and to be more precise from Brooklyn, NY. It´s all about food which is made from regional products and sold locally. In Germany the supermarket chain Rewe works with this concept under their label Rewe Regional.

Along with Urban Gardening, which was presented in the category „Home in nature“, those three are the latest fashionable urban style:”Get the country into the big city.”

Most exhibitors actually are from the region around Frankfurt, but also some cross-regional exhibitors from all over Germany were present.

mustard all you can taste
mustard all you can taste

On the very first booth I felt a bit taken back to our holiday in Dubai. Spices all over the place – and of course, organic! Homemade spice blends, various salts and ground spices. There are 25 different varieties peppers on the flyer next to different varieties of rock salts, sea salts, spring salts, smoke and flavoured salts! Luckily the whole product range is available online:

Sweets for my sweet

The next booth almost made my day – chocolate – to die for delicious! The company Goufrais produces this and only this one kind of chocolate for more than 25 years now. So delicious as it was, you could taste the many years of experience. The cocoa confection in the form of a ring cake is, of course, also available online:


And while we are talking sweet: Eismeister Kress from the germany region swabia and his icecream were my personal highlight! „O glaublich lekker“ (unbelievably tasty) Master Kress would say with his dialect. And I had to give him credit for that. In addition to traditional varieties such “Schoglad” (for non swabians: chocolate) and “Wanille” (vanilla) Kress also creates exceptional tastes such as tonka bean, cardamom and blackthorn. The honey he uses comes from his own bees of course, as he is also a beekeeper. And the milk he gets from the farmers from his region, Kreß proudly tells me. I was allowed to taste myself through his entire range and everything was delicious – Thank you Ice Cream Master Kress. So far you can get his ice in certain shops and cafes. A list of shops can be found on his website Kress would not be a tinker, if he did not already work on an ecological shipping method for his ice cream. „Soon I will be able to send out my ice cream, in a “Heukiste (using hay as isolation material) instead of Styrofoam“ he says proudly. Now we’re only waiting for the summer.


Home Improvement

Speaking of summer. For having a good time outside the company Beck from Obertshausen came up with a great idea – an Alps basket. A type of beach chair, only in a bavarian style. On their website  you can check out the different styles.

Alps Basket
Alps Basket


The company “Rheingau Hochbeet”  showed many different varieties of raised beds (for plants and so on, not for sleeping) and chairs, perfect for urban gardening. Michael Pfizenmaier uses solid wood such as oak or douglas fir for the furniture. If you look for some inspiration for your very own urban gardening project , check out their website:

And of course, Euro pallets could not be missing. There are now a variety of do-it-yourself instructions available online and you can pretty much build everything with those thing. Here, of course, garden furniture…

With a huge stand the nursery Löwer surprised us. Here I would say, you get everything that is available for the garden and the apartment, which is in some kind of “green”. The impressing herb selection alone includes over 500 species. So any herbalist should be able to find something. And for the men, BBQ seminars are offered in conjunction with the Weber Grill Academy. For that the herbs get used for a delicious, self made marinade for the next garden party.

On their website you will find everything, they have to offer.

Fresh from the market

After that we checked out the “Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache” (producers or growers market). The markets opening hours are Thursdays from 9a.m.-8p.m. and Saturdays from 8a.m.-5p.m. on the Konstablerwache in Frankfurt, but some of the booths were here today to present their goods.

Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, we found the Farm Berbalk ( with lamb specialties from the Taunus. Besides delicious lamb salami the family Berbalk also offers wool and sheepskin products such as sheepskin gloves.

We then indulged a little refreshment with Selina Berbalk in her milk bar. Besides coffee and espresso you could also get a delicious raspberry yogurt shake to go. The yogurt, either with fresh strawberry or raspberry puree, has a really fruity and refreshing taste. If that isn’t a reason to check out the Erzeugermarkt at the „Konsti“ (as the insider calls the Konstablerwache), I don´t know what is.

Another representative from the Erzeugermarkt, but also with its own little shop and restaurant is the nursery Schecker from Oberrad ( Besides delicious herb syrup they had several herbal oils for you to try.

Oberrad is actually the “gardener village” from Frankfurt. Here all the herbs for the famous Frankfurt Green Sauce (for more check out are grown. And that´s why there is a Green Sauce Monument. By the way, the only german monument which was dedicated to a regional dish.

If you do not know green sauce yet, you have to give the favorite dish of Goethe a try. Today the green sauce is available in all possible variations, not only the traditional way with potatoes and boiled eggs.


Also typical Hessian: Apfelwein (apple cider).

From the Rheingau ( a noble version of this type of cider comes with Riesling wine and is called POMP. And to be as authentic as possible the wine glasses also have at least the drawing of the „Geribbtes“ – the official “Apfelwein” glass.

Food or travel blog?

Well, you might think I would write a food blog. But isn´t it supposed to talk about vacation and everything around it here???

But even that was present at the fair. The Taunus-Touristik-Service, the tourist region Wetterau, the Vogelsberg Touristik region, the regional park RheinMain and some more were here to show, what can be found in the area around Frankfurt. And it makes sense since not every visitor of the fair is from around. So there you had the possibility to check out, what the region has to offer for hikers, bikers and families. For ourselves we wanna go visit the Rhön and the Star Park Rhön in the near future.

Leaving the hall we checked out the outside area. Several food trucks invited you to have lunch in the sun. With the slogan „Raus aufs Land“ (Out to the country), Willy Schmidt presented his aurochs. The wild ancestor of the common ox was eradicated in the 17th century. But with the so called backcrossing they got  bred back around 1920.

The area of ​​agricultural technology was represented with some tractors from very old to very modern. I was amazed, how the tractors changed and got more and more high-tech in the last 80 years.

The visit to the exhibition Country and Indulgence Fair in Frankfurt was very interesting. We sure will be back next year to stroll around and check out what kind of new treats the region has to offer.

True to the motto: Why wander around in the distance when the good is so close. “

And what about you? Do you go to the  local suppliers to get your stuff or perhaps are you an Urban Gardener at home?


Farmer meets Fair


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